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Art in London

South London Gallery - Thomas Hirschhorn and Ane Hjort Guttu

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Jul 04, 2015 14:18
Thomas Hirschhorn - In-Between - on until 13 September
In Between is a proper installation in the sense that you are enter into and are enveloped by it. You do somehow feel part of it.

Prince at making shit things looks good, listen to him taking about ear buds here:

Here's a tiny clip I took of the current exhib at SLG:

First encounter with Ane Hjort Guttu, in 1st floor galleries at SLG
Here is an excerpt from her film 'Time Passes'
Go to SLG to watch the full thing as this won't make sense in itself:

Both excellent. Get yourself over/ down/ up to:
65-67 Peckham Road
London SE5 8UH

Exhibition Tours Daily, 1pm, & Last Fridays, 7pm, Free

Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm
Wednesdays 11am-9pm

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United Visual Artists in Barbican's Curve

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Apr 21, 2014 19:46

United Visual Artists are an extraordinary group of 9 people with various skills, all thoroughly contemporary and of their time, who have joined at different stages in UVA's biography (eloquently depicted here: to make complex, hypnotic, interactive installations.

Watching a video on youtube with two members of the crew ( the following quote relating to their motivation and talking about the point of the finished piece - explains a lot about their work for me:"It's all about what it makes people feel and how it make people behave - that's a really big part of it for us"

Momentum is stunning and has the effect of a secular angelus or call to meditation. It is exhibiting until 1 June 2014.
More info here:

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William Morris and Jeremy Deller

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Mar 26, 2014 08:00
William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones (1874)

The William Morris Gallery on Forest Road in Walthamstow won Museum of the Year 2013, awarded by the Art Fund. This news combined with the showcase of Jeremy Deller's Magic England from Venice Biennale led me there at the weekend.
It is beautiful. The permanent collection is just enough to go through and get a sense of Morris's life and mission.
The space is not well set up for a temporary exhibition, considering it is a house, which is fair enough. But what's good about this is the interspersal of Deller's work in the foyers making them seem easy, less stern somehow and the exhibition doesn't overwhelm the collection - which it could do with bigger screens and the murals used in Venice (which they haven't exhibited).
The atmosphere in the museum is uplifting. It is manageable for little ones and oldies and you feel the conscientiousness of the staff. The gardens are worth a wander around.
Magic England is only on until this weekend 30th March 2014.

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Melanie Manchot at Carslaw St. Lukes

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Apr 20, 2013 20:32

Having loved Manchot's 'Celebration' exhibited at Whitechapel Gallery in 2010, there was a lot of hope for this presentation of 'LEAP after the Great Ecstacy' and it delivers. Beautifully presented in the gallery space. Highly recommended.

On from 20 April - 1st June
The gallery is open Thursday - Saturday 12 - 6pm

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Martin Parr at Rocket Gallery until 9 Feb

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Dec 27, 2012 22:02

Martin Parr is quoted to have said "With photography, I like to create fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society's natural prejudice and giving this a twist."

The truth is I haven't seen huge amounts of Parr's work but his name is synonymous with British photography from the last quarter century and it would be hard, despite not knowing his work extensively, to mistake his style. Since his 'Last Resort' photos of New Brighton beach near Liverpool published in 1986, Parr has been renowned for his garish and mesmorising documentation of the Brits. Parr's photos seem to operate on a pitch of their own; the composition, the colours and above all the theatricality. I'm not so sure that he is creating fiction out of reality. It seems more like he is casting a theatrical view point over an aperture of reality. He then freeze frames this view point and invites us to delight in it too. And we do.

Also undeniable is the sense of humour in his photos. It's not a snooty laugh though. Parr casts a strong but fond light on the human creature, doing its silly human things.

A selection of six of his latest works, chosen by Rocket Gallery Director Jonathan Stephenson and Parr, are presented as large scale pristine prints on perspex, loosely grouped under the title of 'time off'. You can see them for yourself at the modest Rocket Gallery space in the Tea Building, Bethnal Green Rd - until 9 Feb 2013. Highly recommended.

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David Claerbout. the time that remains

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Jun 04, 2012 00:00
Please please go see this. I went last Wednesday to the opening at the Parasol Unit, really just to meet a friend (have a natter) but I was blown away by this exhibition. Only for the sun on the canal, I would have stayed all evening - enjoying the plush carpets and slow perspectives. I will definitely return for a double dose with at least an hour up my sleeve and this no doubt will be insufficient. You may have heard of Claerbout, I had, didn't know why, do now.

David Claerbout: The Algiers' Sections of a Happy Moment, 2008

"As one of the most innovative and acclaimed artists of his generation working with moving image, Claerbout has created a striking body of works within which the media of film and photography appear to co-exist.

Claerbout's works often depict some everyday activity or event that seems to be the subject of the work, but as time passes we as viewers face a dilemma in how to decipher the artist’s intention. The works not only alter our established understanding of time and the narrative process but also our notions of reality, illusion, and the relationship between them." Parasol Unit
David Claerbout. the time that remains
31 May – 10 August 2012

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Artfeelers tours are back: 28th April

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Apr 04, 2012 13:35
fig. 1

Artfeelers tours are back and I'm very excited about the next tour coming very soon:

- Saturday 28th April 2pm

Meeting location will be sent to you 24 hours in advance.
Book now to avoid disappointment (see fig. 1):

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Vortek5 at The Outside World Gallery

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Sep 03, 2011 16:07

Inspired by the above disturbing image of a monkey being prepared for space travel and many more like it, Darren Hayman is one of five artists going by the collective name Vostok5 currently exhibiting in The Outside World Gallery on Redchurch Street. It's a teeny tiny gallery and as you can imagine with the network of five artists, the gallery itself and passersby attracted by the buzz, the opening was a crowded affair. But deservedly so. In fact it was the saviour of a disappointing First Thursday ramble through Viner Street and Redchurch Street.

Of the five artists Hayman's work stood out the most and when looking at the collective's blog it would appear his is the leading voice. The pathos in his humble illustrative paintings is moving. I have previously brushed over this blatant animal cruelty activity, which to be fair is not just another to add to the long list. It is an extraordinary thing to do - send a defenceless creature into outer space. We are such cruel, bizarre beings. The exhibition is worth going to see and you can pick up a screen print from as little as £20 or a framed painting for £90.

Hayman's work reminds me of another animal cruelty outlet that is becoming more common - contemporary art. The most recent example I can think of, one which was completely farcical and represented so much of what I hate in contemporary art, was Shimabuku's My Tortoise Teacher at Wilkinsons Gallery in May/ June (2011). Basically it was a live tortoise creeping around a foot high wooden pen.

The premise seems fine - 'Contemplative and wise are the often fabled characteristics of the tortoise, correspondingly, in the context of the exhibition, the tortoise is emblematic of Shimabuku’s suggestion that we ought to slow down and reconsider our often unconcerned appreciation of the present.' Nice thought I suppose, but there are plenty of other (imaginative and creative) ways to demonstrate this or provoke it without having to place an animal in such a strange environment for people to wander past, peer at, snigger and swig cheap beer over. Oh well.

Votek5's exhibition is only on until 7 September so be quick.

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a-Highly recommended

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Oct 26, 2010 23:58
HEIMATMUSEUM, which is the sum of two parts - Vicky and Sarah - one is German and the other French and both have a keen eyes for very sensitive, talented and definitely off kilter (in the best possible way) female artists. Their previous project was Claudia Aherling's fantastic exhibition in Heimatmuseum's oestregenated inaugural space - a cosy flat near Broadway Market. They're back, this time entering the realm of a white-cubiness at the Rag Factory, with Ingrid Sanfey's heart rending to some, disturbing to others, study of her two cats' killings over the past year or more; birds, mice, shrews, moles - brought to her as offerings to show their feline gratitude.

Intrigued by the rituals of deaths and possibly a little more sensitive to seemingly needless deaths since the birth of her first child, Ingrid has produced an exquisite edition of her photographs of the dead animals wearing delicate little masks she has knitted for them. She has also produced a painfully beautiful series of watercolours of the little creatures in rigor mortis positions. As always I don't want to give too much away, there will be a lot more in the exhibition, so I highly recommend you get down to the opening this Saturday night - 30 October or stop by if you are mooching around Brick Lane one of the days it is on - until 13 November.
I'm really excited - which I am sure you can tell.

Here's the info:

In significant lives, Works by Ingrid Sanfey

31st October/13th November 2010
Rag Factory, 16-18 Henage Street, E1 5LJ

PRIVATE VIEW on Saturday 30th October 2010 from 6pm to 9pm.


1st November (Day of the Dead), 10-11 pm: Interview with artist

Sarah Frappier and Victoria Sanchez talk with Ingrid Sanfey about the themes of the exhibition over the animal graves at Victoria Park. Meet at the gallery at 9.45pm. Talk followed by tequila and general chat to celebrate the Mexican 'Day of the Dead'.

4th November, 6-9pm: First Thursdays

As a part of Whitechapel gallery/Time out London, First Thursdays, the gallery will be open until 9pm.

6th November, 2-3 pm: Test Ground

Ingrid Sanfey's artist collective, 4Walls, meet in the gallery to discuss the exhibition, without input from the artist until the end of the discussion.

14th November 6 pm: Final burial

Meet at the gallery and join the artist on her walk to Victoria Park where the final animals from the exhibition will be buried.

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Tom Hunter tonight

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Jun 11, 2010 11:19
On the night the world cup opens who would snub the pub to go see an artist talk? me, I would. Well actually photographer Tom Hunter's talk or conversation or whatnot (my new favourite word) is most likely on after the match - starting at 10pm tonight at the Rag Factory just off Brick Lane Heneage Street to be precise. It's followed by another tomorrow by Bjorn Veno and they're scheduled to attract interest for Jigsaw an exhibition of 31 young photographers.

Tom's work is great and he is a local man, a Hackney boy.

Jigsaw looks good too - 'The work ranges from large-scale prints to books, of which there is a room upstairs where you can sit and relax while leafing through,' which souns nice. A nice alternative to the messy Friday nights you see spilling into the streets - wow I sound like an old grouch. You know what I mean though. Might see you there later tonight...

can't see who this photo is by so I can't credit them. I will find out though.

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The Fool's Flipside in Bethnal Green's Cell Project Space

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers May 29, 2010 17:27

Let’s face it, in London blinkers are a necessity to maintain a certain level of sanity. A big caveat to this however is missing out on the once offs. Like the burgeoning beginnings of a bright career. Like Jonathan Baldock’s...

His funky colourful hand crafted sculptures, mostly busts and figures, are a blend of references from Comedie del’Arte to Henry Moore’s reclining figures to contemporary sci-fi. They are unsettling to some, ‘darkly humourous’ according to the blurb. I imagine having one in your house staring at you through those freaky dolls eyes could well be disturbing, but in general the atmosphere at Cell Project Space is not so dark, more curious. Together perhaps, the works nomalize each other. Isolated they’d react differently.

I really don’t want to give too much away – go see it and read my full review on Fad

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Rachel Thorlby at Madder 139

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers May 28, 2010 17:31

Artfeelers caught up with Rachel on the opening night of her show at Madder on Vyner Street and to say that she was cool is an understatement.

Extended until the 5th June it really is worth a visit -

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Victoria Browne & Katherine Jones @ Kaleid

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers May 27, 2010 11:40

books meets art meets film meets me meets you -

check out my review here on FAD

Kaleid exhibitions

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Go see Claudia Ahlering

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers May 07, 2010 15:24
Heimweh at Heimatmuseum - Claudia is an amazing german artist and this is her first solo show in the UK and it's on in East London. No. 3 Wilton Road, E2, 1 minute walk from the fabulous Broadway market. Exhibition on until this Sunday only!

The German title Heimweh consists of two words. “Heim” means home and “weh” stands for balefulness. In combination, “Heimweh” can be translated into “Homesickness”.

“Heimweh” for the artist has a double meaning:
Firstly, it refers to the longing inherent in a domestic household, which implies typical feminine instincts like nest building, decorating etc. On the other hand, “Homesickness” would refer to the inner soul, the space closest to childhood and innocence. Claudia describes it as a nostalgic process of returning...

Claudia presents herself as a fairytale book, giving the viewer the opportunity to flip through the pages of her personal environment.

There are so many good exhibitions on at the moment - email for more recommendations.

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Art lovers & residents of Tower Hamlets/ Hackney

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Apr 30, 2010 10:19
we owe this artist Roa a lot - print this map out before you finish work today and follow it to discover ROA's beautiful creations - they are all within 10 or 15 minutes walk from each other. I highly recommend it is an arty walk - keep your eyes open for other art treats along the way such as the giant blue, red and yellow mushrooms (nothing to do with the elections, welll I doubt they are, hmmmm), space invaders and The Pure Wrist beautiful 'Panic' street signs - I'm sure there is a lot lot more...

better view of the map here and more info on ROA -

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The big screen version of this

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Mar 31, 2010 14:43

I'm really sad this is going -

Fran Young's solo exhibition at Madder 139 is about to end - this weekend is your last chance to see it - please do go.

Madder has recently moved from Whitecross Street to a more suitable home at the top of Vyner Street and Director Debbie is not only one of the friendliest people I've met on the street but also really knows what she is doing.

You can watch a dimunitive small screen version here of Fran's Song of Farewell but it is not a patch on the projected version

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East end shrooms

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Mar 02, 2010 16:55
mushrooms, yum yum - do you know who this talented and fun street artist/ interventionist is? have you spotted any? if so let Artfeelers now...

can you spot anything unusual in this picture? look a little closer below

and there is more - that was Hackney Road and this is Redchurch Street...

it actually puts an eerie blue glow on the tree and the texture is intriguing - it's like an intestinal mushroom...I wonder how long the mushrooms will be there for?

how Alice and wonderlandy can you get? beside ROA's squirrel which still looks great despite the bad tags starting to cover it. and that's Trolley Gallery to the right where the bikes are - great gallery. I love that street - hope you do too. over and out.c

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murmurART & Danger

Do NOT MissPosted by Artfeelers Mar 01, 2010 12:59

David A Smith - Revenant, 2010

Please please please don't miss this, the first of mumurART's exhibitions at their new home above 20 Hoxton square. The work is exquisite and co-founder Donald's passion and knowledge pervades the exhibition. Officially opening this Thursday 4th March. If you can't make the opening make sure you still go along another time.

The other exciting show is Danger curated by Kate Wiggs (previously advertised on Artfeelers at the submission stage). Another group show and also opening this Thursday 4th March at the Rag Factory, Heanage Street just off Brick Lane.

Ok - stay tuned Artfeelers and don't forget to send an email if you hear of anything we should be spreading like butter...

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Yinka Shonibare in conversation

Do NOT MissPosted by artfeelers Feb 22, 2010 13:13

Feb 24, 2010 7:00pm, WILKINSON GALLERY - 50-58 Vyner Street, London E2 9DQ
Free admission, but make sure you're on time because there's no admittance after 7pm

Yinka Shonibare

It will also be a good opportunity to see A K Dolven's current show at Wilkinsons which seems to be two main pieces - a film and a video piece according to the press release. If you haven't been to Wlkinson's black cube on Vyner Street before now you really should get down there and it might be nice to experience it on the calm of a February Wednesday...hope to see you there

A K Dolven: The Day Sky Became Ground, 2008

Also not to miss are Bob and Roberta Smith's exhibition at Hale's Gallery and Kathy Prendergast at Peer Gallery - both of which we saw on our latest Artfeelers tour and really enjoyed...over and out

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Watch Good Wives & warriors mural

Do NOT MissPosted by artfeelers Feb 06, 2010 14:06
Saturday 13th- Sunday 14th February 2010 at Kaleid Editions - Redchurch Street, Bethnal Green

I'm so sorry I am going to miss this - but you don't need to...get down to Kaleid Editions on Redchurch Street next weekend to see Good Wives & Warriors (Beckt Bolton and Louise Chapelle) paint an elaborate wall mural outside KALEID project space in celebration of the launch of their first book.

Passers by and anyone interested, switched on will be asked to select words from Origin of Life by Alexander Ivanovich Oparin (1924) to be included in the mural. I have already selected mine. I'll miss the making but at least I'll get to see the finished product - can't wait. Thanks again to Kaleid for doing their thing. You canread about ther latest exhibition on Spoonfed - I agree with everything that Tom says - and he says it so well!

More details here

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