Art in London

Art in London

Social Anxiety can be beautiful - Jasmine Parker

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Sep 05, 2014 18:44
5th September:

Came across Jasmine Parker in Make Sense, the Kingston Illustration MA at Hoxton Gallery, Kingsland Road. Follow the link to see her beautifully simple and perceptive illustrations of first hand accounts of social anxiety.

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Pink Twins in OOOH curated by James Putnam

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Jun 29, 2014 22:49
Pink Twins' 'Miracle'

This blew my mind today - seen at Shoreditch Town Hall thanks to James Putnam and a recommendation to see the exhibition by Victoria Browne, the brain and everything else behind KALEID -

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Jack Sachs is AWESOME

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Aug 04, 2013 21:02
I saw this video at the Camberwell BA show in June and I was blown away. This kid is severely talented. He needs to shown and known. I love all his work that he showcases on his site and tumblr.
Looking forward to more of your work Jack, please keep it coming.
Purrrrleeeeeaaaaaassssseee watch this everyone:

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The BAd Exhibition 13th June Hoxton Gallery

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Jun 11, 2013 22:58
I would go to this if I could, but I can't. I have one of my best friend's weddings to enjoy. Perhaps you can go though. Info below:

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Ana Maria Millan - Asylum cake

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Jun 11, 2013 22:55
And so I did actually get to see Ana's exhibition and loved the question of why were Asylums set up or as wikipedia puts it 'The story of the rise of the lunatic asylum and its gradual transformation into, and eventual replacement by, the modern psychiatric hospital, is also the story of the rise of organized, institutional psychiatry.'

From a chocolate cake in the shape of an asylum to a video game styled rendered print on material, Millan's quirky look at a massively influential aspect of our society is grounded by her work with people who still use the contemporary versions of institutions for people deemed to have psychiatric to put it without pissing someone off...

Anyway - the workshops Millan continues to do are being documented and she screened a film of her work with patients or service users or whatever the term is last Saturday. I hope to get to see her work develop.

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Francesco Bartoli

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Apr 13, 2013 15:12

Francesco Bartoli, "Dance", New York 2011
Music "Come wander with me" composed by Jeffrey Alexander and performed by Bonnie Beecher

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Seminconductor - Magnetic Movie

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Oct 27, 2012 14:56
Semiconductor is the combination of two people - Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt and Magnetic Movie is one of the most beautiful animations I've ever seen. What you could see if you could see it/ them/ the beautiful 'hairy balls' that surround us.

The wonderfully cosmic trio that is Cosmicmegabrain screened this at their most recent TRIAL exhibition at Shoreditch studios on October 6th. They are already planning their next event for February. Stay tuned as ever.

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Jaykoe's Psychogeographical States & Statements

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Sep 15, 2012 14:09
Sao Paolo Series I, 2010
Digital photograph printed on brushed gold
aluminium. 595 x 457mm

"The work stems from a fascination with the centres we construct, the forms they take and what they reveal about us, at a time when more than half of the world's population live in cities, a proportion that is expected to rise to three quarters by 2050."

Nye came on an Artfeelers tour - a First Thursday tour for the Whitechapel Gallery - not so long ago. It was a strange tour. The last stop on our tour, the one I was looking forward to and building the group up for, was most inconveniently closed. Embarrassing is not the word. I was fuming. But Nye saved the day. She'd picked up a flyer for the BMW art car exhibition which happened to be a two minute walk from the closed gallery in the car park on the junction between Great Eastern Street and Curtain Road, EC. We wandered over and wound our way through the car park. On the top floor overlooking the grit and glory of East London, beyond the artist designed cars - designed by the likes of Warhol, Rosenquist, Holzer, Calder - we saw the giant red moon preside over Olympian London and we were happy once again.
And so when I got an invitation from Nye this week to come to the CASS MA show at the Metropolitan School of Art across from the Whitechapel, I happily accepted. There was quite a bit of decent work and it was clear that the students were a mature bunch, their styles firmed up and despite the pretty poor exhibition spaces the art looked pretty good.
One artist stood out. There's always at least one. This one was Jaykoe. I'd seen him at the Other Art Fair. He stood out there too. His fellow students are clearly aware of his talent too, using his image for the exhibition poster. Obsessed with cityscapes and delighting in diverse media, Jaykoe's shimmering depictions of urbanity were clearly head and shoulders above his peers' work.
Jaykoe's explanation of his work is a stimulating mix of quotes from the Situationists International and Toni Morrisson's advice to us to; "Do what you please in the city, it is there to back and frame you no matter what you do. And what goes on there on its blocks and lots and streets is anything the strong can think of and weak can admire."

I bid you to watch out for this artist, as long as he remains one of the strong that Morrisson speaks of, he should continue to interact urban life and to create art for the rest of us to admire.

The image above conveys little of how the sunset/ sunrise of Sao Paolo is brought to London by Jaykoe. The brushed gold alluminium scintillates before us. I often think inferior art can look better in reproductions, mechanical or digital and that true art cannot only be deteriorated by it. Jaykoe's is definitely to be seen in real life. So basically what I am trying to say is - keep an eye out for him and go see his work, don't just take my word for it.

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Are you a lonely artist?

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Jun 25, 2012 21:08

If you have just a couple of minutes spare - fill in this little survey for artist and psychologist Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn who is investigating the relationship between loneliness and the role of the artist. A worthy topic indeed.

Image from a (very possibly) lonely artist Francesca Woodman (1958-81)

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Manual Animation

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Feb 09, 2012 13:04

Lucía and Luis y el lobo (the wolf) by Niles Atallah, Cristobal Leon & Joaquin Cociña and Der Kleiner Raume by Cristobal Leon and Nina Wehrle

These two extraordinary animation pieces (please watch Lucia below) were shown in the excellent screening room and programme at the Whitechapel Gallery last month. I came across them by accident - which is always the best way I find.

Since then, apart from the videos, which are easy to find on youtube and vimeo, I haven't been to able to learn much more about the artists, which is a shame. It is also a shame, as a friend pointed out, that us non spanish speakers have to read the subtitles as well. One remedy to this is to watch the videos a number of times. I did find another 'manual animation' called 'Der Kleiner Raum' (The Small Room) by Cristobal Leon in collaboration with Nina Wehrle, one part of a quirky Berlin based illustration duo Once again, due to lack of info found, I can only really say how good it is - an eerie and dark folklorish-fairy tale about a young boy trapped in nightmarish enclosure with a wolf that materialises from his mouth, as berried trees grow around him crushing him into his chair while crows and rats teem into the small room only to disintegrate again. The sheer effort and dexterity of execution in these three animations is invigorated with what I can only guess to be Cristobal Leon's elegantly dark aesthetic.

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A whole lot o TVs

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Dec 01, 2011 00:26
have been stacked on top of each other by a collaborative duo going by the name of French Riviera. Now, this is brand new to Bethnal Green high street. It must be. I haven't noticed it before...

I arrived home from work to see a strange sight. I saw what 'an opening' or 'private view' of an exhibition in East London must look like to the average punter for the first time. My neighbour Margaret and I stood together on the balcony on the 6th/11th floor of our council block watching a huddled crowd on the high street. They looked a little chilly and a little confused. In fact Margaret was convinced it was a party but I thought it was an accident because I could see that the crowd were all looking at the same thing and not at each other. But what they were looking at was obscured. I could just see something flashing. I imagined for a moment it was a magic cash machine - malfunctioning and thereby coughing out money to an orderly crowd of youngish people.

Alas no. It was, as I said, a stack of tvs showing video pieces; short, interspersed, by 16 artists, playing intermittently on 20 or so little 12ish inch black box tvs. After a visit to a friend later this evening, I saw another strange sight, lots of young non east London natives (blow ins like myself) in the local, overly lit Marquis de Cornwall. You'd never normally catch a crowd like that drinking there. This was when I realised that the flashing must be an exhibition. Sorry for the long winded explanation. It's just that it's the first time I felt what it was like to be on the other side of the fence. I really enjoyed it. So I stopped outside 309 Bethnal Green Road. The strobes and general flashing coming from the little screens are serious eye-catchers.
The effect was a bit like the living in London, from my perspective at least. At first I was extremely distracted and couldn't keep my eyes on one screen for longer than a few seconds. Then my eyes calmed down, my concentration adjusted to the distractions and after a little while I was able to watch one at a time. Within five minutes I realised that each video was somewhat interesting in itself but nothing spectacular, yet combined they did become far more interesting. Each screen and video, made separately by different artists, have been brought together in this humble window display to become one body. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole you could say and worth a look if you are kicking about Bethnal Green before 21 December when it finishes. It's also very close to Gourmet San - the best chinese I've ever been to (chilli green beans).

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Suffer from Artcritic-isis??

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Oct 31, 2011 23:14

It's fun to have a mooch around a gallery taking notes on a pretentious press release isn't it. And with so many hobby-blogs like this one knocking about the internet, we all have easy access to some dissemination point or other for our excited or scathing words.

Surprisingly perhaps, there are more art writing prizes popping up too. For my job as a marketeer for London Art Fair, the Burlington Magazine asked us to post their writers prize on Facebook, which we did and I will post it again here in case there some writers reading this because you could win 1,000 smackeroos, which is not to be scoffed at:

A less well known recent start up called BreeseLittle contacted me to tell you - in their words "that [they] the itinerant contemporary art gallery that has recently set down roots in Clerkenwell ...are extremely proud to announce the fourth installment of [their] writing prize and excited to inform you that the prize money has now gone up to £600 for the winning entrant." Their email to me is practically jumping up on down on my little laptop screen right now. So get excited too and share your talented writing with the world - and make some bloody money out of it for a change:

It's First Thursday this week by the way. Maybe I'll see you prowling around with a pen and flimsy press release in your hand too as I try and look over some beer swigging trendy's shoulder at some crap on the wall!

Good luck with the prize entries everyone.


1) The picture is funny eh? It's by someone calling themselves Moggee the art dog ... There's lots more funny doodles poking at art on his blog (the subject of all the random blogs on art deserve a post in its own right really):

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