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Two Great Exhibitions on Now

Recommended ExhibitionsPosted by Artfeelers Nov 21, 2010 19:15
There's two galleries I'm very excited about at the moment - one is TINTYPE on Redchurch Street run by Teresa Grimes and the other is PayneShurvell off Curtain Road; the brain and love child of James Payne and Jo Shurvell.
Both are currently presenting the work of young female artists. I could try and make comparisons and the comparisons could be easily justified but actually it kind of annoys me the way this always happens to female artists. In order to legitmise talking about their work, people compare them to other female artists. I just wanted to say that because I had considered comparing them.

Suki Chan, 2008, Thames Town, China, Giclee print with pigment inks

Suki Chan, showing at TINTYPE, was in the School of Saatchi tv programme a couple of years ago and since then I hadn't heard much to anything about her but boy oh boy has she been busy.
We met her recently at the gallery for an Artfeelers tour and she walked us around her art. Eloquently, confidently and quietly passionate, she explained each piece.
There's a lot going in each and as you may know I never like to recount what's in an exhibition because these are (sign) posts not reviews and my intention is always to encourage you to go and actually see it. So, I'll just say that the title of her work 'Sleep Walk Sleep Talk' explains a lot about the ethos of her work in general, and its effect. As most of us sleep walk through our cities, our lives, often repeating the same thoughts, actions, reactions, Suki is busy doing the opposite, exposing the ideas and mechanisms that pre-decide how we first of all orientate ourselves in relation to all else, how we behave within the templates we are given and how strange, funny and beautiful all this can seem. If we take the time to look beyond the initial very obvious aesthetic appeal of each photo, video, sculpture, Suki will provoke us to contemplate our daily situations and essentially (hopefully) wake us up a little.
11 Nov - 18 Dec 2010

Anka Dabrowski, 'Untitled', 2010, 30 cm by 30 cm, pencil, spray paint and watercolour on paper. Courtesy of PayneShurvell Gallery London.

I have to admit, I need to go back and see this exhibition again properly because I saw it on the opening night. But I first saw Anka's work in PayneShurvell's first ever show in June this year - a small sculptural piece representing a Polish building, attached at eye level to the wall. Anka's statement explains her work pretty well in these two paragraphs:

'In her delicate drawings, tenement blocks, shop fronts and street signs are set adrift against the disquieting blankness of an empty page. Contrasting with the fragile precision of her drawn lines, Dabrowska uses spray-painted marks to reproduce the irreverent patter of Warsaw graffiti-while semi-abstract designs recall the half-remembered fragments of domestic interiors.

The three dimensional works are based on makeshift commercial structures that punctuate Eastern Europe. Haphazard collages of impoverished materials- suggesting an almost schizophrenic confusion of internal and external space– Dabrowska’s improvised ‘kiosks’ offer a noisy counterpart to the whispered eloquence of her drawings.'

19 November to 18 December 2010

Two fantastic exhibitions - one on Redchurch Street and the other 10 minutes walk away, if even, on Hewett Street off Curtain Road. Go!

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