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Me likies Animation

Recommended ExhibitionsPosted by Artfeelers Nov 27, 2010 11:58
The question is will I like this Polish animation that IMT gallery, on Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green, is showing for our next First Thursday on 2nd December. The only thing to do is to find out and the risk is lessened by Lindsey and Mark who make a lot of good decisions for IMT.

So heres the info - maybe see you there, maybe not, either way check out IMT Gallery when you do have a chance... (apologies for the lack of punctuation; using an italian keyboard, grrrr). Akso I am trying to learn Photoshop a little more - hence the little picture of Polski Mickey.

The evening of short films consists of Groundbreaking work by seminal artists including Józef Robakowski, Jerzy Kalina, Stefan Themerson and Tomek Sikora, and ranges from the 1940's to 2007. Abstract films, films composed of photographic images subjected to manipulation and pieces drawn in an unconventional fashion will be screened. Pawel Kaminski, not sure who he is, but apparently he will be available throughout the evening to answer any questions, which is always nice.

Admission is free.

Unit 2/210, Cambridge Heath Road,

London, E2 9NQ UK

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