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Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Feb 09, 2012 13:04

Lucía and Luis y el lobo (the wolf) by Niles Atallah, Cristobal Leon & Joaquin Cociña and Der Kleiner Raume by Cristobal Leon and Nina Wehrle

These two extraordinary animation pieces (please watch Lucia below) were shown in the excellent screening room and programme at the Whitechapel Gallery last month. I came across them by accident - which is always the best way I find.

Since then, apart from the videos, which are easy to find on youtube and vimeo, I haven't been to able to learn much more about the artists, which is a shame. It is also a shame, as a friend pointed out, that us non spanish speakers have to read the subtitles as well. One remedy to this is to watch the videos a number of times. I did find another 'manual animation' called 'Der Kleiner Raum' (The Small Room) by Cristobal Leon in collaboration with Nina Wehrle, one part of a quirky Berlin based illustration duo Once again, due to lack of info found, I can only really say how good it is - an eerie and dark folklorish-fairy tale about a young boy trapped in nightmarish enclosure with a wolf that materialises from his mouth, as berried trees grow around him crushing him into his chair while crows and rats teem into the small room only to disintegrate again. The sheer effort and dexterity of execution in these three animations is invigorated with what I can only guess to be Cristobal Leon's elegantly dark aesthetic.

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