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Crying Out Loud - Catherine Anyango & Julie Hill

Recommended ExhibitionsPosted by Artfeelers May 23, 2012 00:02
I happened upon something very cool at Cambridge Heath train station last Thursday - an intervention orchestrated by Julie Hill. Hill got two young talented actors - Kristoffer Hubball and Madelaine Ryan - to re-enact the final scene from the classic Brit film Brief Encounter. It's a classic tear jerker and sure enough, as the couple embraced on the platform a little longer than planned due to a delayed train, their extended goodbye pulled tightly on the heart strings of the knowing few of us perched on the platform bench and frightened an alighting passenger, who touched Madelaine's arm comfortingly and asked her if she was ok, and was she sure she was ok. The actress looked completely lost, standing alone and crying her eyes out, her handbag abandoned beside her on the yelllow line. The perfect intervention on an otherwise humdrum day for most.

After this performance Catherine Anyango and Julie Hill invited us to their show, currently on at Guest Projects at the south end of Broadway Market. The exhibition explores 'the historical view of women as objects perpetually on the brink of hysteria – dripping with emotion, their bodies ready to overflow, blurring and overriding social norms' ( Two pieces really stood out for me. The first by Anyango, is a convincing effigy of a women bent over a sink in the corner, the water streaming onto her hands as she endlessly washes he china. Her hands are cast in soap, and as the water washes them away the plates inevitable smash into the belfast sink and echo around the exhibition. The other piece is also by Anyango - an animation of a women crying hysterically over her handbag. The image of the women was taken from found material - cctv footage on youtube of an anonymous woman in this distraught condition. Each frame was drawn very small and the effect of blowing the animation up large on the wall is one of pixellated confusion and disturbance.

Both the intervention by Julie Hill and the animation by Catherine Anyango reminded me of a video piece by the fantastic Norwegian artist A K Dolven 'between the morning and the handbag' which I saw at the Temple Bar Galleries many moons ago whilst studying in Dublin. I'll leave it up to you to look up more on this if you wish to.

There are lots more interesting works in Crying out Loud, as per usual too many too mention. The exhibition runs till 31 May. I hope you get a chance to see it.

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