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Gravity of the Universe at Galerie8

Recommended ExhibitionsPosted by Artfeelers Jul 21, 2012 14:43
The whole situation of my visiting Galerie8 on Wednesday evening was pretty close to perfect. I had wondered if there was gallery behind the austere glass of the building on Richmond Road, as I live just on the other side of Mare Street, but in true Londoner fashion I must have always been too busy, tired, distracted or all three to bother my ass and check. But I did on Wednesday after a tip off from a friend and wandered into the pre-opening-opening. There was really just me there as the audience and lots of attentive Galerie8 people. One in particular, who seemed to be the curator but not totally sure, was a very smart and friendly guy who gave me a tour of the exhibition entitled Impossible Heap, yet another Samuel Beckett inspired concept/ mood/ take on life through art:

" The Impossible Heap is a group exhibition that takes its title from the opening lines of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame. The original play elucidates the cyclical and somewhat senseless reality of human existence, and borrows from the last moves of a chess game wherein the outcome becomes inevitable, but is drawn out regardless of the last futile countermoves. " (Press Release)

Until I have time to see it again, ask for images and then write about this exhibition properly I just want to highlight a few artists for now - explanations will follow...

- Chris Jones' burnt out car collage (bit of a genius - fantastic artwork which unfortunately I can't find an image for but earlier work above of the horse and carriage that'll give you some very vague idea)
- Alexis Milne's Riot - below
- Zavier Ellis's Tombstone painting
- Sarah Pager's The Skinny

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