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Hiatus: Political Art of a non East London Artist

Recommended ExhibitionsPosted by Artfeelers Sep 12, 2011 23:42
Bored of East London art? I get a bit bored of it sometimes too, truth be known. It can be exhausting and I suppose exhausted from time to time. So...anyone want to read a piece I wrote on two provocative works by an Irish artist; Tadhg McGrath, educated at Central St Martins but hailing from and firmly rebased in my home town of Dublin in Ireland.

'Gardai' is the Irish word for Police.

The article starts with a quote from an artist I love, Francis Alys and discusses the notion of political art somewhat and artists such as AiWeiWei, Jeanne Claude and Christo and Alexis Milne.

'Poetic licence operates like a hiatus – an “agent provocateur”, a short circuit – into the atrophy of situation that finds itself in a state of political, social, confessional, ethical, economical or military crisis or lethargy. Through the absurd and sometimes impertinent nature of the poetic act, art provokes a moment of suspended meaning, a sensation of senselessness that may reveal the absurdity of a situation. Via this act of transgression, the poetic act makes one step backward for an instant from the circumstances. In short, it may make us look at things differently.’ Francis Alÿs

Continue reading the article here...

Frame from Safe Riot Video Alexis Milne 2010

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