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Art in London

Suffer from Artcritic-isis??

Videos/ LinksPosted by Artfeelers Oct 31, 2011 23:14

It's fun to have a mooch around a gallery taking notes on a pretentious press release isn't it. And with so many hobby-blogs like this one knocking about the internet, we all have easy access to some dissemination point or other for our excited or scathing words.

Surprisingly perhaps, there are more art writing prizes popping up too. For my job as a marketeer for London Art Fair, the Burlington Magazine asked us to post their writers prize on Facebook, which we did and I will post it again here in case there some writers reading this because you could win 1,000 smackeroos, which is not to be scoffed at:

A less well known recent start up called BreeseLittle contacted me to tell you - in their words "that [they] the itinerant contemporary art gallery that has recently set down roots in Clerkenwell ...are extremely proud to announce the fourth installment of [their] writing prize and excited to inform you that the prize money has now gone up to £600 for the winning entrant." Their email to me is practically jumping up on down on my little laptop screen right now. So get excited too and share your talented writing with the world - and make some bloody money out of it for a change:

It's First Thursday this week by the way. Maybe I'll see you prowling around with a pen and flimsy press release in your hand too as I try and look over some beer swigging trendy's shoulder at some crap on the wall!

Good luck with the prize entries everyone.


1) The picture is funny eh? It's by someone calling themselves Moggee the art dog ... There's lots more funny doodles poking at art on his blog (the subject of all the random blogs on art deserve a post in its own right really):

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