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Art in London

Walkway Press by Magda Fabianczyk

Recommended ExhibitionsPosted by Artfeelers Nov 28, 2011 22:55
Some people have their priorities straight. I seriously think that the adventures in Magda's blog are more important than most the exhibitions in most of the galleries I visit.

Magda lives in a council block in East London and has brokered a friendly and creative relationship with her Bangladeshi neighbours. Her blog is an online journal ranging from just a few words and a few photos of the kids she makes art and organises parties with to longer more thoughtful reflections on what happened that day and how it made her feel. Seriously heartwarming. I've picked out two of the blog posts that I really like for you to take a look at, but all of them are great and the blog is really a story so it's good to read as many posts as possible. Like any journal it makes more sense and gets more interesting the more your read. I think. Thanks and well done Magda, hope to meet you sometime.

'Exhibition of works by some of the children that live on my corridor and some of their cousins.':

'I kept the door wide open this evening...' :

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