Art in London

Art in London

Sanja Ivekovic at Calvert 22 & South London Gallery until 24 February

Recommended ExhibitionsPosted by Artfeelers Jan 17, 2013 00:31
Sanja Ivekovic (b1949, studied, still lives Zagreb, Croatia)
Quotes from the artist from an Interview from 2009 on youtube:

"One of the advantages of growing up in socialism is, from very early on, you learn that:

- Nothing is free from ideology

- Everything we do has a political charge

- How to not be a passive object, how to act meaningfully

- What is my relationship to power/ domination/ exploitation

- The distinction between the aesthetic and the political is completely erroneous"

All images copyright Sanja Ivekovic

Go see the exhibition - massive shame if you don't.

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